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The Little School of Hope

The Little School of Hope will soon open, and meet on Thursdays at 11am at the Little House of Hope & Prayer, 1328 Main Street in Sanford Maine. The first course was geared toward training those in attendance to go out and share the Gospel with people we meet.  Students learned how to quickly find scriptures and give an answer to everyone that asks them for the hope that lies within them. Those who completed the course were given a beautiful placque that could be proudly displayed.

Our next course will be on traditional churches, what they believe, and whether they are following the teaching of Jesus and the disciples. Stay tuned!

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The Greatest Gift Music Ministry

The Greatest Gift Traveling Music Ministry

The Bible calls us as Christians to go out into the highways and bi-ways and compel the lost to come in. For the time being, our traveling music ministry has had to be put on hold as we await the end of the current covid-19 pandemic. Our outreach ministry continues via Facebook Live, and as soon as we can safely do so, we look forward to resuming our traveling music ministry.

What we Provide:

  • Complete Service – The Greatest Gift will sing, and share brief testimonies and exhortations between songs, followed by a message by Pastor Wayne. When we minister at retirement communities, we have included communion in our worship services. Ask about this when you contact us, if you’d like us to do this.

  • A Selection of Songs for your worship service – We often participate in worship services, sometimes singing 3-5 songs, other times more. This depends on the needs of the individual venue.

What We Need

  • Love Offering: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is free, but it takes money to put gas in the vehicles, haul the trailer,  The Greatest Gift does not charge! Instead, we come for a love offering, and sell our merchandise. This not only helps us get from place to place and meet our expenses, but it also helps to support our outreach, the Little House of Hope & Prayer, which ministers to the homeless and others who need the new life in Christ that we share at this facility.

  • Set-Up  – We have an ever-expanding line of merchandise, and our sound equipment. To set all of this and do a sound check takes two hours. Please ensure there is someone to open the door for us 2 hours before the event is to start. We also need helpers to get everything unloaded in a timely manner. Many hands make light work, so we appreciate any volunteers you might have to lend a hand.

  • Gas and Accommodations – If your event is more than 2 hours away from our home base in Waterboro Maine, we may ask for additional help with gas and accommodations. We can discuss this when you contact us.

For more information, you can reach Pastor Wayne at
207-337-2296, or you can email us at

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Arise with The Greatest Gift

[Listen to Past Programs] 

Arise with The Greatest Gift was a radio broadcast featuring the music of The Greatest Gift, inspirational messages by Pastor Wayne, scripture readings by Krys, and the announcement of events where The Greatest Gift would be ministering.

The staff at Word Radio Life have generously provided a space where you can hear past programs right on their site. You can click the “Listen to Past Programs” link above.   Arise with The Greatest Gift signed off in June of 2022 to put more focus on the church, and outreach ministries.

In January of 2023, our own Mike Biasin, his girlfriend Laurie and longtime friend Charlene Filey Staples relaunched their program The Spirit Calls which airs during the Arise with The Greatest Gift time slot. Their program is also on Youtube and SPotify.

For more information on that program, you can visit their website The Spirit Calls

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The Little House of Hope and Prayer is now located at 18 Holmes Road, Waterboro Maine 04087. Visit our new website for complete information on the Little House of Hope and Prayer. 

Over 72 Salvations in 4 Years!

God is moving mightily at the Little House. Lives are being changed!  When we gather to pray, the power of the Lord comes around this exciting place. You don’t want to stay away. You need to come down to 18 Holmes RD, Waterboro ME and have your own life changing encounter with Jesus Christ! We stream our services on Facebook and you can go to Our Page, Click Like, and when we go live you’ll get a notification.

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