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About The Greatest Gift
Luke 14:23 And the Lord said unto the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.
Our vision is to go into the world and lead as many people to the Lord Jesus Christ as we can through evangelizing and uniting our brothers and sisters into one Body of Christ so that no one “should perish but have everlasting life.”

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Our Bio – Created by Andrea Williams of Tehillah Enterprises

It’s been said that a three-fold cord is not easily broken. That saying could easily describe the close-knit, musical trio of Wayne Patterson, Krys Smith and Mike Biasin, professionally known as The Greatest Gift. Experiencing one concert with these sold-out believers leaves the listener changed. Whether it’s the tight harmonies, the emotive performances or the captivating songs, it’s hard to know, but what is clearly apparent is their love for the One of whom they sing. It’s the reason why this threesome has been recognized time and time again for excellence in Gospel music. After releasing four albums, Come Into His Presence, Fishers of Men, Let Us Rejoice and Hymns 4 Him, they have received well over 100 awards for their music ministry. Clearly, The Greatest Gift is well on their way to becoming a household name.

Started by Wayne Patterson, the group’s leader, lead vocalist and primary songwriter, and Mike Biasin, the keyboardist and vocalist, The Greatest Gift began over 20 years ago singing songs of praise in their home state of Maine. With the addition of female vocalist and flutist Krys Smith several years ago, doors began to open up for the The Greatest Gift.

After the release of the debut project, Come Into His Presence, and its follow up, Fishers of Men, their popularity grew and they began touring the East Coast. For their recordings, they’ve tapped some of Nashville’s top musicians including Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts), David Northrop (The Oak Ridge Boys), Violinist Jenée Fleanor (Blake Shelton, Martina McBride), and producers Bill Watson of Nashville Traxx and Bob Catalano of Bobcat Studios. The CD’s single, “The Lighthouse”, caught the attention of fans with its moving melody and storyline. In summer of 2017, the song peaked at the top spot on the Southern Gospel Times Top 40 fan-based chart staying at #1 for 3 weeks in a row. This second CD positioned them as “ones to watch” in the industry.

Their third musical offering, Let Us Rejoice, released in 2017. Dubbed a praise and worship and evangelistic record, it was one of the trio’s most intimate projects. Aimed at the lost, the goal of the record was to share the message of salvation. Now the group has released their fourth project, Hymns 4 Him and it picks up where Let Us Rejoice left off. At the request of audiences around the country, The Greatest Gift decided to record some of the church’s favorite hymns including “Because He Lives”, “How Great Thou Art” and “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”. Taking classics and weaving their signature sound around these beautifully-penned tunes further solidified them as a force to be reckoned with. Hymns 4 Him precedes their next release, Closer Than Ever, scheduled to drop in early 2019.

The Greatest Gift is one of the busiest groups in Christian music. Last year alone, they performed almost 200 shows. The combination of a jam-packed touring schedule and an impactful music ministry has caught the attention of the Christian music industry. One of the most celebrated acts in the sacred genre, in 2017 and 2018 alone, the trio netted dozens of awards. In March 2017 and March 2018, The Greatest Gift took home 33 awards at the North American Country Music Association International including #1 Video of the Year (for “The Lighthouse”), Gospel Band of the Year, Gospel Vocal Group of the Year, Gospel Song of the Year (for “Lay Down Like a Lamb”), Most Promising Video of the Year, Most Promising Album of the Year (for Let Us Rejoice) and Instrumentalist of the Year. As individuals, they were recognized as well; Mike won Instrumentalist of the Year, Wayne won Gospel Male Vocalist of the Year and Krys came in third for Gospel Female Vocalist of the Year.


Also in 2017, they walked away with Pine Tree State Country Music Association and Down East Country Music Association Awards for Gospel Vocal Group, Gospel Band, Gospel Song of the Year and more.  That same year, they won the Akademia Music Award for #1 Christian/Gospel Song of the Month for four months in a row. In 2018, they returned to the Down East Country Music Association and took home 15 awards including Adult New Gospel Vocal Group of the Year, Most Promising Vocal Group and Most Appropriately Dressed Vocal Group. Wayne Patterson was honored as Adult New Gospel Male Vocalist of the Year, Adult New Gospel Male Entertainer of the Year and Most Appropriately Dressed Male Entertainer. Mike Biasin was a standout receiving an award for Rising Star Adult Traditional Gospel Instrumentalist and Krys Smith was recognized as the Adult Traditional Gospel Female Vocalist of the Year and Adult Traditional Gospel Female Entertainer of the Year. Also in 2017 and 2018, they reached millions of souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through several nationwide television appearances. Not one to rest on their laurels, The Greatest Gift is prepping the release of their first live action music video in 2018.


What The Greatest Gift has accomplished has far exceeded any dreams any of them had. Wayne Patterson says, “When the Lord is behind something, it’s like a locomotion that can’t be stopped! Our excitement is still as if it were the first day we started. We can’t wait to see what the Lord has next.”/////////

Written by Andrea Williams of Tehillah Enterprises

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 For Immediate Release

 Award-winning Gospel Band, The Greatest Gift, Shines With New Release, “The Lighthouse”

Christian Music Trio Launches 2017 Gospel Songwriters’ Contest

(York, ME) – January 24, 2017 – Lovers of Gospel music appreciate tight harmonies, moving melodies and passionate performances. The Gospel trio of Wayne Patterson, Mike Biasin and Krys Smith, better known as The Greatest Gift, is known for all three. Hailing from York County, Maine, the threesome has been gaining fans all over the Northeast US. Recognized for their unique sound and superior musicianship, The Greatest Gift brings something special to the genre of Christian music. Although they have only been singing together for a handful of years, they’ve netted a total of 70 awards including the Pinetree State Country Music Award for Gospel Band of the Year, the Downeast Country Music Association Gospel Band of the Year and the North American Country Music Association International Competition’s Gospel Band of the Year. Featuring some of the top musicians in the music industry, The Greatest Gift recently released a brand new single, the riveting ballad, “The Lighthouse”. The single is hitting Christian radio and is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other digital music outlets.

The Lighthouse”, penned by Patterson, is a testimonial about an experience he had walking along the beach one August. The lyrics retell the story of Wayne, a man and a lighthouse. The touching story illustrates the power of prayer and God’s divine intervention. His experience was so profound that it served as the impetus for the unforgettable song. Wayne’s touching vocals are accented by exceptional instrumentation.

The Greatest Gift dropped their debut, Come Into His Presence, in 2015. That project was followed by 2016’s Fishers of Men, which includes the new track, “The Lighthouse”. Both projects included a who’s who of musicians including Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts), David Northrop (The Oak Ridge Boys), Violinist Jenée Fleanor (Blake Shelton, Martina McBride) and producers Bill Watson from Nashville Trax and Bob Catalano from Bobcat Studios.

Wayne, Mike and Krys have been singing together as The Greatest Gift for the last few years. Wayne is the group’s primary songwriter and lead vocalist, Mike is the group’s pianist and a background vocalist and Krys is a vocalist and a flutist. Wayne and Mike, who is legally blind, have been playing and singing together for the past 20 years. Krys, the granddaughter of two Moody Bible Institute ministers, joined a few years ago. Since their few years together, they’ve received dozens of awards and become favorites at countless churches in Maine and beyond.

With a goal of sharing their faith, they inspire believers everywhere they go. Grateful for the opportunities they’ve been given to share their songs, they’ve introduced their first songwriting contest. The Greatest Gift is presenting the 2017 Gospel Songwriters’ Contest. The 1st place winner will receive $300.00 and an opportunity to be reviewed by the record company, Alive! Records. The 2nd place winner will receive $200.00, and the 3rd place winner will receive $100.00. All winners will be notified by email no later than June 30, 2017. Registrants are encouraged to send up to 4 songs at a cost of $25 per song for review to wearethegreatestgift@gmail.com. PayPal payments should be made to wearethegreatestgift@gmail.com. Submissions can also be mailed to The Greatest Gift, C/O Wayne Patterson, P.O. Box 1253, York Harbor, ME 03911. All categories of Gospel music will be considered.

The formation of The Greatest Gift was not accidental. Wayne says, “This group is God-breathed and not man-breathed. I remember the Holy Spirit saying to me, ‘I am the greatest story that’s ever been told and my greatest gift to the world is my Son, Jesus Christ’”. For more information on The Greatest Gift, log on to www.wearegreatestgift.com and connect with them on Facebook.
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Our Accalades

In 2015 We  won the 2015 Pine Tree State Country Music Associations’ Gospel Band of the year, and the Downeast County Music Association’s Gospel Band of the year. We also won New England’s Northeast Invitational Country Showdown’s Gospel band of the year, along with 2 #1 Gospel songs.
In March 2016 we went to the North American Country Music Association International in Pigeon Forge, and won Gospel Band of the Year, Gospel Album of the Year, and a Horizon award for songwriting in all 50 states and Canada.
April 2016: 
We came back to Maine and won 12 awards at Pine Tree Country Music Association, including Gospel Vocal Group and Gospel Album of the Year. We won 16 awards for Downeast Country Music Association. For the DECMA songwriting, we won 12 awards.

IAlso in 2016, The Greatest Gift was placed on the Official Ballot for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy in the following categories: Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song (‘The Lighthouse’) and Best Contemporary Christian Music Album (‘Fishers of Men’).
In March 2017 We went back to Pigeon Forge and took home 16 awards. To name a few, Gospel Band of the Year, Gospel Vocal Group of the Year, Most Promising  for Video of the Year, Instrumentalist of the Year, and more. On our way home from TN, we found out that our song The Lighthouse was #1 on the Southern Gospel Times Top 40 fan-based chart. It stayed at #1 for 3 weeks in a row.
April 2017: We came back for one more round at Pine Tree and DECMA, and again won  many awards, including Gospel Vocal Group, Gospel Band, Gospel Song of the Year, and more.
September 2017: We were invited to submit our music to The Akademia Music Awards, where we won the #1 Christian/Gospel Song of the month for the next four months!
March 2018: We went back to Pigeon Forge where we took home 17 awards. See the complete rundown on the Home page for full details on this year’s wins. We Give God all the glory for everything He has allowed us to accomplish.

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Fishers of Men Now Available

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About The Greatest Gift 

About Wayne Patterson
(Singer/Songwriter & Group Leader

Wayne Patterson is a contemporary Christian Artist. The Lord has blessed Wayne with Lyrics as well as score, and has given him a message for the last days.

Wayne has been singing since the age of 12, and writing inspired music since the age of 15. He is gifted in guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. He waited 12 years before finally pushing forward into a Gospel music ministry. The Lord has taken him in much training. Wayne met Jesus Christ in 1979 and began to play in a few soft rock groups like Blue Mist, The Phase, and Universal Underpass. Then Wayne decided to get serious about his relationship with Jesus. He became a member of a small church and began to study the bible.

At the same time, he began to expand a construction company that he started at the age of 17 that had developed into 3 construction companies, which he still owns today. He also was a Christian bookstore owner, held a weekly coffee house, featured many local artists. He is also an ordained minister.

Over the years, Wayne has played with a host of different international artists, such as Phil Keaggy, David Meece, Kent Henry, and so on.

 Wayne has a daughter, Caroline Joy Patterson, age 23, who is his pride and joy, whom he is very proud of.

The Lord has shown Wayne and has been preparing him for a worldwide ministry of encouragement. Wayne is committed not to compromise the music, or the gospel that the Lord has given him. He will stay strong in God’s Word, and much time in prayer. He will always point people to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. He truly believes that the Lord gave him a vision, and that God is watching over it, as He is the author of it.

Wayne took a short break in his musical career so he could be there for his daughter so she would know who he was as her father.  When Caroline turned 18, Wayne began starting his music career again with his good friend Mike Biasin, and another addition to the group, and good friend, Krys Smith.

As we began practicing hard and steady, we began entering into a variety of contests, such as the Pine Tree State Country Music Association, where we took Gospel Band of the Year. Then the Downeast Country Music Association, where we again took Gospel Band of the Year. We then entered into Northeast Invitational Country Showdown, which is most of New England. We took Gospel Band of the Year there as well.  This all took place from 2014 to the present, 2016, when we went to PIgeon Forge TN and entered into the North American Country Music Association (NACMAI) international competition which covered all 50 states and canada. We again won Gospel Band of the Year, Album of the Year, and a Horizon award for songwriting.  God is so faithful and is the keeper of our dreams. He wants us to succeed more than we want to and has been there every step of the way. All the glory goes to God, as we continue to pick up our cross and move forward for Him.

About Mike Biasin

(Keyboardist & Vocalist)

I was born on August 23rd 1968 in Natick MA. I have been legally blind from birth. I received Jesus into my heart at the age of 13 after having attended baptism classes at the small baptist church across the street from where I lived. I have been a piano player since the age of ten, and picked up a few other instruments, and harmony singing along the way. As part of “The Greatest Gift”, I am excited to see how God is using music as a vehicle to change lives, and lead people to the Cross. I am also the co-host and producer of a local radio program called The Spirit Calls, heard on 5 stations in the local area every Sunday night.

About Krys Smith

(Vocalist & Flutist)

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